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Yorkshire RoseWelcome to Yorkshire Mistresses, the Original and best listing directory for Mistresses and Professional Dominatrixes operating from chambers and dungeons in Yorkshire.

We are completely independent, based in Yorkshire, and know the Yorkshire scene well so are fully qualified to bring you the best.

We know the Yorkshire BDSM scene personally, and the aim of this site is to help the Mistresses of Yorkshire reign supreme, and help the worthless submissives of Yorkshire find a true Mistress to serve.

We only feature Mistresses who have access to, and operate from Dungeons and Chambers in Yorkshire. We do not feature escorts or models who claim to Mistresses….professional-domination is a skill, and we feel if you are looking to serve, you need to see a well trained professional.

Huddersfield Mistress Athena

Discover a New Yorkshire Mistress

Bradford Mistress | Mistress Abduction
Mistress Abduction
She exists in a world beyond your world. What we only fantasize, she does. She lives a life where nothing is beyond her. But it’s all a facade. What she shows to the World …more
Bradford Mistress | Mistress Isobel
Mistress Isobel
Trans Mistress Isobel of Leeds Kneel and submit to the beautiful Trans Mistress Isobel. What novice sub could resist a gentle, sensuous tie and tease at the hands of this c…more

The Original & Best Yorkshire Mistresses

We are the Original Yorkshire Mistresses website.

This site was started to help Mistress promote themselves free-of-charge when other websites started the trend to treat Mistresses like cash-cows. ┬áSadly, this still goes on, but sticks to it’s roots and continues to list Yorkshire based Mistresses, free of charge.

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